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The Scubatlon diving center started when two huge scuba diving fans were tired of looking at how other dive centers treat students and novice divers. Instead of teaching, these centres were making money. Instead of passing knowledge, they were processing students through the conveyor.

In our dive center, we are proud that our students learn neutral buoyancy from the very beginning, right in the first lesson in the pool. Other dive centers teach students while standing on the seabed on their knees. No one thinks how much harm is done to marine life and the environment, how many corals break down and creatures are killed with this approach. Nobody thinks how dangerous it is - where you going to stand on your knees when you dive from the boat at 70 meters depth?

Therefore, first of all, we teach everyone to be in control of their buoyancy, to dive in the right setup and trim and only then we continue to doing scuba skills. Yes, for this you'll need to work a little more than usual, but it will pay off thousand times. The right technique from the very first day is not only the safest and most convenient way of learning, but will also save you time and a lot of money. If only you knew how many people are coming to us from the other dive centers just to be re-teached!

We teach not only the Open Water course. As an officially accredited SSI training center, Scubatlon offers a full range of dive specialty courses. From the Scuba Rangers course for kids, to the full preparation of professional diving instructors. Give us a call for me details!
Master Class

We want our students to be simply the best, therefore, in addition to the courses, we offer separate master classes.

Is there any skill that you would like to learn? Have questions and you need practice? Can not find the right weight or want to learn how to dive in a dry suit? Want to master the frog propulsion technique, cavers frog, modified flutter, dolphin kick, back kick or helicopter turns? Scubathlon offers you a chance to learn & practise with one of our qualified instructors either in the open water or in the pool.

Please book the master classes in advance, as places are limited. We do not do large groups, because instructor will work with you individually, recording the workout on the video for later analysis and briefing.

The master class can be booked by phone (02) 9553 8738 or 0400 667 708.
Scubathlon Club

Our dive center is famous not only for its instructors and training courses. We LOVE to dive, therefore every weekend we invite you to a free club dives, which are lead by our dive-masters and instructors.

For those who are not afraid to dive at night, we also conduct regular night dives. You don't need to be a club-member to participate - everyone is invited!

No equipment? No problem - we offer a full range of equipment and accessories for hire.

For those divers who dive regularly and want to save on air-fills and equipment hire, we offer a club membership. Membership in our club is paid, but all our members receive discounts for air fills and scuba gear hire! Members of our club receive notifications of all dives first, and also the get the arly access to all unique offers for travelers.

More information is available by phone (02) 9553 8738 or 0400 667 708.
Courses schedule
February - March 2019
February 7
Dive Instructor Course
February 10
Mermaid Model Special Event
February 16
Open Water Course - Learn to dive
February 17
Wreck Diver Course
February 23
Stress and Rescue Course
February 24
Our Signature Buoyancy Course
March 2
Deep Diver Course
March 2
Open Water Course - Learn to dive
March 3
Our Signature Navigation Course
March 16
Open Water Course - Learn to dive
March 30
Open Water Course - Learn to dive
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Address: 670 Princes Hwy, Kogarah 2217 NSW
Phone: (02) 9553 8738
Mobile: 0400 667 708

Email: scubathlon@gmail.com
Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Friday: 10am – 6pm
Saturday - Sunday: 8am – 5pm
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